SundayLeague The Football Management Game
SundayLeague is a free to play online football manager game that gives you full control over a slightly odd team of players.
Building Team Morale
Build your team morale with a wacky team event, which could back fire if you’re not to careful.
Advanced Tactics
Try to out-wit your opponent tactically, view upcoming opposition match information and adapt your strategy accordingly.
SundayLeague referees mess up just like in real life, you need to learn their attributes as they can have a massive effect on your strategy.
Turning a bunch of over-weight freeks into a slick football team is no easy task, but a little training will help get them into shape.
Promotion or Relegation
Full promotion and Relegation system allows you to climb the ladder to the top where you can win prizes.
Cups, Cups, Cups
It’s all about the glory…how many cups can your team stack up while you’re the boss.
Private & Friendly Matches
Enter your team into additional matches and competitions to boost your teams profile and rep.
Customise your team
Give your team a distinct identity, change your team name, shirt and loads more.
Player Stats
Your players have a unique set of stats, along with the usual footballing attributes, look out for what they like to do and how old they are getting as they may decide to not turn up for a match with a poor excuse.
SundayLeague Prediction League
Ok, so we don’t do Premiership in SundayLeague, but we do have a sub game where you can predict match results.

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