The Beer Cup

The Beer Cup is now open to all users. Feel free to enter to earn manager points, competition points and hopefully some gold or silver to your trophy cabinet!


FL Season 9 is underway. Please check the forum for updates on the league and feel free to post any comments about the fixtures and results. There are a few spaces left for anyone who would like to enter

June 2016 Firm Champions – PMP

Congratulations to pmp on winning the firm title for June 2016!

The Football Factory – May 2016 Firm Champions

Congratulations to The Football Factory for claiming the firm title for the 2nd time in their history. May 2016 saw the following managers work together as a team to stop the mighty pmp from yet another title: jimbo faggy users_of_sl2 richff jules1960

Super Cup & World Cup update

The Super Cup has been reduced to an 8 team knockout competition. The World Cup has been reduced to a 16 team knockout competition. Cheers, Jimbo.

The New Beer Cup

This 8 team knockout competition is for managers on level one to level four. Ideal for newbies. Cheers, Jimbo.

Newbie Firm Cup

Hi, A Newbie Firm Cup has been added. A 4 team league and is open for entry for all managers who are at level 1 to 4. You can avoid playing the stronger more experienced teams and this will give you the opportunity to get some firm points and level up quicker. Cheers, Jimbo.

The Firm Cup credit prizes

Hi, The Firm Cup (6 team league) credit prizes have increased to the following for each place: 5,000 credits for 1st 4,000 credits for 2nd 3,000 credits for 3rd 2,000 credits for 4th 1,000 credits for 5th 500 credits for 6th Cheers, Jimbo.

Pyramid League credit prizes

Hi, The credit prizes for the pyramid league have increased for the top six in every league. The prizes are as follows: 30,000 credits for 1st place 25,000 credits for 2nd place 20,000 credits for 3rd place 15,000 credits for 4th place 10,000 credits for 5th place 5,000 credits for 6th place Cheers, Jimbo.


For FL Season 8, the credit prizes have been implemented. 1st – 50,000 credits 2nd – 40,000 credits 3rd – 30,000 credits 4th – 20,000 credits Good luck to those who entered. Remember, you have got to be in it to win it! Cheers, jimbo.

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