SLX News

Server Update

Games will be paused until our server hosts complete some essential server maintenance this weekend. This will take until Monday 9th July, when games will resume Sorry for the interruption in service but this is essential. We will be handing out an emergency budget of 3000cr each to draft in any reserves during this time. […]

The Green Vase – 8725

This 8 team private league is due to start on Wednesday 6th May 2015. A strong line up of managers entered into the competition are: ChelseaTel FC Woodside Celtic Team Pythons Roman Empire FK Pobeda Auckland Aces Waterloo Merlion The Pompey Chimes Who will take the title this time round? Don’t miss out on private […]

FL Season 6

With the FL going into it’s 6th season, the credit prizes have been increased to 25,000 credits for the winners of each league and 15,000 credits for the runners up of each league. This is fantastic news and this has been confirmed for future seasons. If you are interested in joining the FL which is […]

Christmas News

Hello, We will be closing for the Christmas period on the evening of 24th December and resuming games on the evening of 27th December. Have a Merry Christmas,  from Cat Games!

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